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Themed Rooms


Under the Tree Top

This is the center of our miniature city where we will practice mindfulness and develop emotional resilience through yoga and meditation.


In this area we will focus on physical fitness, muscle development, fine and gross motor skills through movement and games.

We will also implement mathematics such as colors, shapes, and numbers so they exercise their body and mind simultaneously.

Tree Town The Kids Capital-Kids-2.jpeg
Tree Town The Kids Capital-Kids-22.jpeg

Super Market

We will focus on language arts such as phonological awareness, increasing vocabulary, and developing handwriting.

In this area we will also focus on social skills, nutritious ways to feed our body, and the basics of handling money.


In the hospital we will focus on all thing's science, first aid, basic hygiene procedures (hand washing and dental hygiene), and gaining a better understanding of how our bodies function. The hospital will also transition throughout the year into a vet and science lab to fully explore the world of science. 

Tree Town The Kids Capital-Kids-100.jpeg
Tree Town The Kids Capital-Kids-100.jpeg


Here we will create nutritional lunches according to the theme of the week. The children will get a chance to assemble their lunch in order to encourage them to try new things.

We will also focus on Self-sufficiency by teaching them how to set a table, guiding them to pour their own drink, and teaching table manners.


This is where children will take a nap in order to recharge their mind and body. We will also focus on basic skills such as making their bed,  folding their clothes 

, and blankets. 

Tree Town The Kids Capital-Kids-67.jpeg


We will introduce drama and storytelling, reinforcing our reading abilities and strengthening our vocabularies. We will promote creativity by using this space to create and paint in order to have backgrounds for plays we are producing.

We will introduce public speaking in order to facilitate speaking with their peers and being able to voice their opinions without fear of repercussion.

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