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Tree Town is a mini city that provides fun experiences that will help mold your children as well balanced and mindful leaders, while you work calmly and with confidence.

When I grow up I want to be a ...


I learned how to express my emotions


I learned the value in saving money

About  Us


Tree Town was created to provide a unique perspective and experience when shaping the minds of our future leaders. We strive to build the foundation of their academic education along with basic life skills in order to encourage independence and self-sufficiency from an early age. We will broaden horizons by delivering instruction in different vocational environments to foster well rounded individuals

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What is Tree Town?

Our curriculum, From the Root Up, is uniquely designed for Tree Town by a specialist in each area of our miniature city, specifically for children between the ages of 2 - 5 years old.

All of our teachers are fully trained in our curriculum, and all of our staff carry a genuine love for children at their core. From the design of our classroom and the materials we use to the way our curriculum is delivered, every detail has an intentional purpose: creating a fun and enjoyable style of learning by teaching children in a way they will naturally embrace.



Tree Town was created by a mother daughter duo who saw a necessity in modernizing the way young children receive their education, in order to form well rounded individuals who thrive in today and tomorrow’s modern society.

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